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Truly Wireless Earphones



Doing business is no longer reserved for the office. Our high-performance earbuds with dynamic noise control are perfect for active professionals. One mic captures your voice while the other captures only the noises around you, so they are seamlessly eliminated to the person on the other end of the call. They’re designed to keep your calls interruption free so you’re as efficient and effective as possible. Calls ended? We also delivery amazing sound to drive the motivated professional who’s always on the go.

TWS Exec - Hero

Perfect Call Clarity

2 Mics for Crystal Clear Conversations.


Listen Longer

8 hours playtime, 32+ hours with case.

Intelligent Touch Controls

Intelligent sensors on both earbuds make it easy to control your music, take calls, and activate voice assistance with a simple touch.


Quick Specs

Diagram HX-EP625-BK-WW


  • Height: 1.65 in
  • Width: 0.61 in
  • Depth: 0.95 in

In the Box

Packaging HX-EP625-BK-WW
In the Box HX-EP625-BK-WW
  • JTWS Exec
  • Charging Case
  • 3-sizes ear tips: S, M, L
  • USB charging Cable Welcome Card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Legal Card

Customer Reviews

    Noosa QLD Australia
    17 or under

    Great Earbuds

    I recently bought these earbuds as a replacement for my airpods and I cannot tell the difference in sound quality or bass. These earbuds are amazing if you are looking for budget earbuds or if you need a good pair of earbuds!

    1 month
    ✔ Yes
    35 to 44

    Price is quite confusing

    I am quite confused about the price. I didn't check online price before buying. I bought the same product from Harvey Norman for 78$.
    I wondered 78$ is offered price in Harvey Norman. And original price is 118$. Its really cheating.

    1 week
    ✘ No
    Perth, WA
    25 to 34

    Not the greatest

    I have had these for 3-4 months now, after 2 months the left earbud had something go wrong and no only has a fraction of the volume of the right earbud. Plus they keep on falling out and needing me to push it back into my ear no matter what size rubber bit I use which I am not blaming on them but no matter what part of it I touch to do this - it turns it off or puts it into Pairing mode and goes off anyway. Even if I just touch the stem part, it will do this somehow.

    3 months
    ✘ No
    35 to 44

    Dude, dab on these haters! $60 only 60 bucks

    I love these, they are full of sound, have great call clarity, very cool bluetooth connection features... If you only want to use one you can, if you want to give one to your spouse and use the other you can, if you want to listen to Cristal Clear music with both headphones you can! The battery is amazing, I normally only use one at a time so if one dies I can just charge it in my pocket and use the other. All in all very cool features, small and full sound with the right ear tips! Great battery life and great call clarity (unlike my old lg tone triumph headphones) and the price SIXTY BUCKS! All I have to say

    1 year or longer
    ✔ Yes
    55 to 64

    Not great

    Bought these a few days ago, very disappointed. Read quite a few reviews and people were rating very highly. No bass or depth to the sound, keeps disconnecting from my iPhone and when using for phone calls, keep getting comments like, sounds like you're under water and can you speak up can't hear you. I wanted these for work so I didn't ruin my iPods but unfortunately have had to go back to using iPods.

    1 week
    ✘ No